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Secret Ever Green (The Everlight Series: Book One)

The Everlight Series Book 1

The secrets were buried . . .

until clues began to bloom.


When Ivy Rune uncovers her late father's secrets, she's thrust into a hidden world of magic and discovers powers of her own.

Now Ivy must decide between inheriting her father's Arborist trade or continuing to uncover the mysterious life he kept hidden from everyone, including her.

But uprooting the past might erase her father's legacy and change the course of Ivy’s life forever. 

Secrets Ever Green: Book 1 The Everlight Series

If you enjoyed the magic of Caraval and the mysteries of The Inheritance Games, you'll love this lush fantasy world brimming with magic, adventure, and friendship!

Mystical nature, abandoned castles, old journals entries, and easily one of my favorite reads in 2024.
"I have to say right up front, I loved how beautifully written the prose was in this book, how uniquely thoughtful the world was built, and how memorable the story was. If this doesn't turn out to be one of my favorite reads of 2024, i'll be shocked. 
-McKenzie Lynn Tozan,
editor-in-cheif of lit shark
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