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Castle Ever Dark (The Everlight Series: Book 2)

The Everlight Series Book 2

The Secrets have bloomed . . . Beware of the thorns. 

Ivy Rune is shocked to receive a position at the Count’s forbidden castle, until the Count’s charming young heir, Jack reveals her late father’s connection there. Ivy accepts, determined to finally uncover her father’s secret life and learn more about her magic.

But the castle holds more secrets than her father’s last journal. Unspoken rules govern the halls, danger lurks around every corner, and knowing who to trust is impossible. Soon it’s clear that her father's secrets are not the only ones hidden in these walls—others are keeping secrets too.
When Ivy discovers a friend in grave danger and learns the dark reason behind the Count’s Woodworking Tournament, she is desperate to protect her friend and escape. To succeed, Ivy must solve her father's clues and unlock her true potential. But if she fails, Ivy will meet the same mysterious fate that claimed her father.


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The exquisite, emotional adventure of a young woman pushing through grief to uncover magical secrets and follow in her father's footsteps.

Knightly has mastered the art of pulling back the protagonist's layers to their most vulnerable truth and then moving the story along in light of that knowledge.


-Independent Book Review

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